ED Billing

EM Billing Cheat Sheet

The new billing rules are confusing.

So I made a postcard-sized guide that is actually helpful to use while charting:

The AMA released the new guidelines in a format that is basically unreadable.

Go ahead and take a look, its on pages 8-13 of this PDF document.

The design is absolutely atrocious.

I wanted a quick reference tool that I could look at while charting....

Not 6 full size pages that will get lost in a stack of EKGs.

So I made the ED Billing Guide shown above.

It clips easily to my monitor.

Here's a poorly photoshopped example:

Another key problem: the AMA used wording that just isn't applicable to EM.

I reworked the wording to make it understandable, and added examples that are actually useful.

It's simply a better tool than anything the AMA has put out:

  • single page
  • better design
  • easier to use during a shift
  • EM-specific language
  • useful examples

Its not perfect.

I chose simplicity and utility over complexity.

But I think its good enough for 95% of our charts.

Come back soon to order a copy for yourself.